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Mary asks…

Can I only part time as H1B visa Holder ? and What is Process for that ?

I am working in US company as Network & Computer System administrator. I wanted to Join Business Analyst Course. So I wanted to Work Part time only. Is it leagle to work only part time in company ? or I or Company will have to process or apply again as part time?

Best Answer:

Most H1B workers hold full-time positions. The H1B forms and procedures allow for the possibility of part-time employment.

This provides a number of options and variations, including the possibility of holding both a full-time and part-time job, working multiple part-time jobs, or simply working part time.

If you wanted to work for two or more employers, each employer would have to submit an H-1B petition. If each petition is approved, you could work for the petitioners who filed the approved petitions.

Sometimes, Canadian H-1B’s who live near the border work part of their week in Canada and part of their week in the U.S. It’s perfectly acceptable.

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