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Question About H1B Visa Process

Charles asks…

H1B Visa and Premium processing?

I have a few questions regarding the H1B visa. I have a master and a doctorate degrees from the US. I am trying to secure an employment sponsorship soon. As I read the info online, the application for 2009-2010 quota can be filed on April 1st, 2008. The process takes 6 to 8 months. Once the application is approved, one can only start work on and after Oct. 1st. 2008 and not earlier?

There is also premium process available to H1B application which gurantees processing in 15 days. So if my employer file for H1B on April 1st and use the premium processing, and supposedly I receive approval of the application in 15 days, I still can’t start work till Oct.1st?

Best Answer:

H1B quota for FY2009 begins on 10/1/2008. The H1B beneficiary may not begin his /her employment with the petitioner until that date. USCIS premium process only guarantees that the applicant will be issued either an approval notice or intent to deny. With or without premium process, the employment starting date is still on 10/1/2008.

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