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Joseph asks…

H2B visa ski resorts?

Does anyone know anything about ways for applying for an H2B visa for the USA winter season (I’m from New Zealand)? I want to work at a ski resort for a season but it all seams a little complicated… Has anyone done it before?

I’m a skilled bartender with around 5 years of experience so I’m hoping to do that if possible. Any insight would be fantastic?

Best Answer:

Unlike the experiences that X x has had, I’ve worked Northern hemisphere winters in the USA for 10 years as a ski instructor and have had a great time.

However, in the last few years the rules have changed and few if any ski resorts are employing H2B staff these days. The government has added huge costs for the resort to employ any staff on H2B, so unless you are able to get a J1 (student) visa, or if you have a Green Card, you are unlikely to get any work in the USA on a ski resort.

Canada are still employing New Zealanders in Ski resorts. Not sure how you go about applying with them, but the Canadian resorts are keener to employ NZ’ers and Aussies than they are to employ Americans.

Good luck, and have fun.

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