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Question About H2b Visa Extension Jobs

William asks…

What r the reqiriments the get a work visa?

Best Answer:

Is this for the U.S?

In that case, the U.S company will be applying on your behalf, and you should feel honored because they would have to feel you are really worth it, as it’s not a cheap process.

1)To qualify:
– You must have a job offer from a U.S employer to perform work that is either temporary or seasonal.
– You must have the correct background to qualify for the job you have been offered.
– You must intend to return home when your visa expires.

2)The company must show U.S immigration that:
-You are working in a SPECIALIZED field
-There must be no qualified Americans willing or able to take the job. (A Temporary Labor Certificate is required.)

3)It is VERY difficult and time consuming to get this type of VISA, this is an H2B work VISA, with it:
-You may work legally in the U.S for your H-2B visa sponsor.
-You may travel in and out of the U.S until the visa expires. * -Relatives may accompany you to the U.S.(but cannot work)
-The visa only allows you to work for your sponsor(company).
-Initially the visa expires after one year. You must apply for an extension if you wish to carry on working in the U.S.

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