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Betty asks…

H2b problem because of recession I still am home and visa soon to expire need advice.?

My visa has been issued last August 29 2008 its 10 months h2b but until now I am still here in the philippines my employers says it’s because of the recession. the problem is what will happen if I live on the month of May and I only have 1 month left of my visa, is the border will still allow me to enter, and if I will be allow how easy and how many days will it take for a visa extension. and if worse comes to worse and my visa expire and I haven’t got the opportunity to use it will the embassy puts me on a blacklist for not using the visa.

thanks very much i needed to get some info. so i know how will I act on this matter.

Best Answer:

Well, if you’ve never used it and you show up in the US a month before it expires, you can be sure the airport inspectors will have lots of questions for you. So, make sure you have papers from your employer stating that the job is still open. As far as an extension goes, the employer would have to file a new petition. You don’t have to worry about going on a black list for never using the visa. You would only go on a black list for misusing the visa.

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