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Question About H2b Visa Sponsors

Daniel asks…

How i can search for company that want to sponsor for H1B/H2B visa?

my field is accounting

Best Answer:

US companies do not typically advertise that they want foreign workers and are willing to sponsor for H1B/H2B visas. There is no or version for seekers of foreign workers.

Your best bet is to apply directly to accounting firms, and see which ones would be most interested in your qualifications and experiences — and sponsor you to the US.

However, your field is accounting which has less demand for foreign workers as compared to nursing or computer. As such, it is harder to find employers looking to sponsor you. And if you still live in your country, it is doubly hard because employers would have to think twice about you since they will have to bring you in just for the interview.

If you can get a chance to go to the US on a tourist visa for example, you can use that opportunity to send your CV around and at least get interviews. Hopefully, a company will be interested enough to sponsor you.

It is not going to be easy, but it can definitely be done.

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