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Question About H2b Visa Sponsors

Mary asks…

Most efficient way to look for and obtain H1B, H2B visa sponsor.?

I have been surfing the internet, and looked into some local agencies in my homeland for a work visa sponsor in the US. As there are so many links to different websites, I couldn’t find anything concrete on this matter. I am interested in obtaining a work visa within Austin, Tx area. Anyone can help? Thank you.

Best Answer:

Depends on your degree. If you have a Masters degree or PhD look at the university. They sponsor tons of visa.
Otherwise you can check which companies sponsored H1B visa in the past. E.g.

I wouldn’t buy into databases promising to list H1B jobs without doing thorough research whether they are a scam or not. Most likely it’s the same info you can find for free yourself.

Depending on your degree and work experience it will be a lot of work finding an employer willing to sponsor you. Especially if you want to work at a particular place.

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