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Chris asks…

can i apply for a US visa if my dad is a political asylum?

hello.I am a a citizen of Philippines. my dad has been in US for a long time under political asylum. i want to see him as he’s been there for a long time and i am desperate to meet him. If I explain this situation to the US embassy and apply for a tourist visa, will they grant me one?i don’t care if it is only for 4 days.

Best Answer:

You can apply for visa, however it is doubtful to have one. In your case as you said your father is already in USA and he got political asylum means he is not going back to his own country. After that much time you are ‘now desperate’ to see him. It shows that you have strong ties with your father and there is a possibility that you wont come back. Your only for ‘4’ days is also suspicious, it shows that you just want to get there. So It is a No from me. By the way best of luck

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