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Question About How To Apply For US Visa For Parents In India

Robert asks…

Visitor visa for parents?

I am based in perth,australia on 457 subclass visa. I want to bring my parents,my wife & My Kid(3 month) here in australia. Could you pls help me with type of visa for my family, Procedure to process it and approximate cost for the same.
All of them are citizens of india.
I am planning to bring my wife & kid on secondary 457 visa.
How did you come to the cost as $455. Is it mentioned anywhere? Let me know about visa for my parents.
i am planning to bring my mother and she is dependent on me.

Best Answer:

If your employer is willing, your wife (and child) can apply to be added as secondary applicants to your 457 visa. That way, they would be able to come and go as they wish while your visa is valid without needing a new visa each time. The cost would be $455 (for both of them, not $455 each). Your parents cannot be included unless they are dependent on you.

Otherwise, your wife, child and each parent will need to apply for a Tourist visa of some kind but which one each will need (and therefore the cost and processing time) depends on their country of citizenship and you haven’t given US that information. Here are the options:

Of course the cost is mentioned. Did you think I would make it up?
Http:// See Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457) Visa Application Charge. Because your wife is applying separately from you, she must pay the full VAC.

If your mother really is financially dependent on you AND has been for a considerable time AND if you can prove it AND if your employer agrees to her inclusion, she can also be included along with your wife and child.

As citizens of India, they will need to apply for subclass 676 Tourist visas if for some reason they can’t get 457s e.g. If your employer won’t agree to their inclusion or if you can’t prove that your mother is dependent on you or whatever.
Http:// 676 Tourist visa

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