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Question About How To Apply For US Visa For Parents

Linda asks…

Applying B2 visa for parents and sister together?

Please give me some advice on my issue.
I am a permanent Resident and living in USA with my husband who is American born Citizen.I am planing to get my mom,dad and sister here or a 4 week vacation from India to spend the Dec holidays with US. In 2010 when i applied for my mom,dad and sister together their B2 visa got rejected under 214 B.since my sister is still 20 and living with my parents ,my parents expect to bring her along with them.So my questions are
1.If I apply mom,dad and sister together is it a risk of getting the visa approved?
2.If so what is the best way to apply.Should I apply individually in 3 different times.
for e.g if i first sponsor my father and gets his visa approved , and then in the next week if I send my mom will it be a disadvantage.
3.if I file individually and if the first person gets approved (e.g dad )will he have to travel and return back for the next person to get their visa
our main expectation is ,all three of my family members to travel together. So please advice me with the best solution

Best Answer:

Each person applies individually on his/her merits. Your mom may get credit for your dad’s economic ties to India, but your sister is still on her own.

You cannot apply for them. They have to demonstrate their ties to India. Those ties are frequently economic in nature. Sure, having a car, an uncle, even a house seem like ties, but none of those are compelling, in comparison to what an overstay could look forward to in the USA. Are they all decent human being, with honorable intents to return? Sure. But it’s not about what’s in their hearts, it’s about what they can demonstrate to the consular officer.

Let them apply for their visa. Worst that could happen is they’ll get denied again.
It won’t matter who applies first, nor if they apply singly or submit their applications together.
Your sister will have the hardest time.

If you’ve been a green card holder for a few years, why not become a US citizen and petition to immigrate them? The process is slower than the B-2, but they’d get here eventually. All three of them.

Take care !!

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