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Question About How To Apply For US Visa From Nigeria

Nancy asks…

My U.S visa obtained in Nigeria was annotated with “attending training on arbitration October 2009”.?

However, due to exigency of work in the office, I am unable to attend the said training in the U.S.Please advise whether i shall be able to apply again in future despite the fact that i could not use this visa?

Secondly, can i travel on this visa for some other purpose e.g holidays in say, November or December and not breach the annotation?

Best Answer:

Your inability to travel “due to exigency of work in office” would not categorically disqualify you from applying for or obtaining a visa in the future. If you were asked, then you should explain the reasons for your not having travelled as planned. A letter from your employer would be a good supporting document on that occasion.

Since the visa specifies the date of October 2009, it probably expires on some date in October also. If it does, you you would not be able to travel to the US on that visa in November or December.

Normally you are required to use the visa for the pupose for which it was issued. The immigration officer who processes your passport at the port of entry into the US may ask questions about your purpose for visiting. You would then have to answer in a manner staisfactory to the laws and consistent with the visa annotation. You run the risk of being rejected for entry if you are found to be in breach.

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