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Question About How To Apply For US Visa In China

John asks…

**Do I apply as International Student??!!?

This is really important!!!

Me: Born in China,
but have CANADIAN citizenship
right now, im living in Massachusetts, USA
17 years old (i have a td visa, dependant)

If im going to apply to USA schools such as Boston College, Babson, etc..

Do I apply as an INTERNATIONAL STUDENT???????

Please help!!

Best Answer:

You need to apply as an international student, because you have Canadian citizenship, not US citizenship, and you’re in the US on a dependent visa – you’re not here as a permanent resident.

However, if you apply to UMass Amherst, which is public, speak to them directly. With your dependent visa and Massachusetts residency, you may qualify for in-state tuition. It’s certainly worth asking about!

I’d also strongly advise you to have a look at some Canadian unis, because you are a Canadian citizen. As a Canadian citizen, you will qualify for the lower, citizen rate on tuition. Some really good schools in Canada – comparable to BC and Babson and etc. – and which aren’t far from Massachusetts include McGill, in Montreal, and U Toronto – although Toronto is further. But McGill really isn’t horribly far. We used to drive up to Montreal routinely, and there are also express buses and trains from Boston to Montreal.

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