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Question About How To Apply For US Visa In Ghana

Sharon asks…

From ghana to the US?

Okay, so a friend of mine wants to come here from Ghana. What exactly would they need to get into the country? If you can give a website that would help alot 🙂 Thanks

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Best Answer:

They need to apply for a tourist visa through the US Embassy

With any developing country it’s very difficult to get a visa to the US because of the high chance of overstaying or working illegally

Basically your friend needs to prove to the embassy that they have strong ties to their home country, have enough money to finance their trip and all expenses without any outside assistance, and they have a reason to return home
– proof of full time employment status. They need a letter from their employer confirming their length of employment, title and salary and that the company is granting them leave and guaranteeing their job upon their return. They should also bring their most recent pay stubs
– 6-12 months of bank statements showing they have enough money to cover ALL expenses (visa, passport, flight, travel insurance, accommodation, food, transportation, spending money). The account should show regular deposits consistent with the applicant’s salary level.
– proof of property — either their home, a car, land, etc.
– if the person is a full time university student, then they will need a letter from their university confirming their status and that their tuition has been paid for the upcoming term. And if their parents are paying their expenses, then their parents need to provide their bank statements

The person has to prove that they are not borrowing money from anyone else or being sent money. So you can’t pay for their ticket or visa or anything else. If you want to pay for their ticket you can only reimburse them AFTER they arrive in the US. You can’t pay for anything before they arrive or send them any money or they will never get a visa

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