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Question About How To Apply For US Visa In Saudi Arabia

Sandy asks…

Islamic laws? Saudi Arabia?

so i’m almost 17 years old, and i’ve had the same boyfriend
since i was in first grade, so we’ve been together over 10 years.
he was born in northern Saudi Arabia.
most of his family came to the USA because they were
getting death threats for being Christians, and not muslims.

so i’m going with my boyfriend to SA to meet the rest of his family.
i already learned the language, so that won’t be a problem.
the thing his family is most worried about is what i look like…
I naturally have blonde hair and blue eyes, and a porcelain skin tone.
most of the people where he comes from have black hair, brown eyes,
and olive skin…
they’re worried i’ll stick out so much as an american or westerner, some people might try to hurt me.
i usually dye my hair dark brown, just because it looks a lot better than blonde.
do you think this will be a problem?

another question, what should i wear?
i honestly don’t know the first thing about arab culture.
do i have to wear a hijab since i’m staying there for a pretty long time?
what are some things i shouldn’t say or do?
is it true i can’t wear jewelry in public?
or speak unless i am spoken to?
or look at a man in public?

thankyou so much :]

also, i was also told it’s against their code for a woman to be alone with a man who is not a close relative. A woman caught in that situation is considered a whore and can be raped or murdered without any punishment to the men….true or not?
also the part he is from is very

Best Answer:

Get in touch with the Saudi Embassy in Washington DC.You need a Saudi Visa to enter the country. It has been over 20 years since I was there, but I wore an abaya whenever I left the US Embassy compound. As a visitor, it is a sign of respect for their country and religion.
Sharia laws will apply to you while you are there. Please find out all you can from a reliable source (the Saudi Embassy) before you go. Yahoo Y/A is not the place for you to look for information.
I ws a guest of the US Consulate. As a private tourist you will need to be much more well informed.(In Shah Allah).

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