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Donald asks…

how to get my fiance to live with me in US or PR?

i wish my girl friend could live with me, i understand that she need a green card and a visa,i know i need to fill the petition for alien fiance…we are in love i can visit her and live there in philippines for 21 days i wish she was here, i know its possible that isn’t easy, but i have a lot of will i will propose marriage as soon as i get to see her, im very faithful she said she is gona be faithful too is it possible? that she can live with me in US or PR?

Best Answer:

It is not possible for her to live with you in the U.S. While you wait for the K1 fiance visa or K3 spousal visa. It is not even possible for her to get a tourist visa because the U.S. Embassy in Manila does not issue tourist visas to single women unless she can show substantial assets and ties to the Philippines that would compel her to return (this is nearly impossible to do unless she is very wealthy).

You can stay in the Philippines with her while you wait for her visa. All you need to do is extend your Philippine tourist visa every 60 days. You can stay up to a year, which is plenty of time to get a k1 or k3 visa. You can stay longer than one year as long as you make one trip out of the Philippines every 12 months. Many Americans have lived there for years or even decades doing exactly this.

She will not be leaving the Philippines to go to PR or anywhere else. Because of their past and current history with human trafficking, it is nearly impossible for a young Filipina to leave the country without solid documentation and a visa.

The k1 visas are going very fast now. She could be here in as little as 3 months, no longer than 5 months if there are no problems. See the link below for more info.

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