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Question About K3 Visa US Embassy Manila

Jenny asks…

How can i stay here in Bahrain?

I’m a Filipino citizen, married to US citizen with on process I-130 and K3 visas. I stopped working and my visa is valid within 7 days more. I am wondering if i have any other options to extend my stay in the country? I will leave right away after my interview in the US embassy which most probably within 1-3 months time. Need answers please. Thanks!

Best Answer:

Are you sure your interview will be held so soon? If not you should consider requesting to have the interview in Philippines

The process for a spousal visa is quite slow. Generally 12 to 16 months from the time your US spouse submits the documents to USCIS till you have your interview.

You should optomistically expect your interview to occur 6 to 10 months after USCIS approves the petition.

If it has already been 4 or more months since USCIS has approved, and your spouse has already paid the $88 affidavit of support and $404 visa application fees, then you may be correct to assume your interview will be in 1 to 3 months.

My experience is that there is too much “wishful thinking” by visa applicants. I am afraid your 1 – 3 month estimate is much too fast, and you will be delaying your departure from Bahrain for no good reason.

Bottom line is, if you do not have solid reason to believe your interview will be held soon, you should simply, return to the Philippines to await your interview, and not try to remain in Bahrain. Your spouse can contact the Department of State’s National Visa Center (NVC) for you, and immediately inform them that your interview needs to be in Manila.

Best of luck

Fred Wahl

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