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Question About Leaving US While Adjustment Of Status Pending

Steven asks…

Can my wife force me to leave and divorce while my application of permanent residence is pending ?

Short story… I am a foreigner and married to a US citizen in NY while I was on my tourist visa. My case is pending with USCIS for resident status. My wife is 4 months pregnant. But now she want a divorce.
I have borrowed $ 25k because she didn’t have any money. I paid all of her bills including her taxes and all. I dont know now what to do ? I am finished kind off. I don’t know if even I can stay here legally or not? If she will withdraw her application or send any latter to USCIS then may will be removed from US.
I am looking for info and help if I can stay here for my child or can make her to pay my money back atleast. If she can force me for divorce or I can file any case for stay or anything. Please help me…

Best Answer:

You may certainly try to apply for adjustment of status yourself. However, an experienced immigration attorney can help you prepare the forms and supporting documents with much less time involved and with much more accuracy. Furthermore, the attorney will be able to inform you of any potential problems in your particular case and how to deal with those problems. Lastly, the USCIS will usually send all documents and inquiries to your attorney. This is particularly important if you will be changing addresses in the future.

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