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Question About Marriage To US Citizen Adjustment Of Status

Sandy asks…

Adjustment of Status forms after marriage to US citizen?

Hi! Thanks for taking time to see my message. I am collecting the forms i need for AOS and just wanna make sure I have the forms that are required. I’m also very confused about the cost of the package. ANy information would be greatly appreciated. Heres my issue; from searches ive seen people pay they paid $1010 for “AOS” package, and another amount for the EAD, but the separate total cost of the forms is more than that. Also, I see mention of the “AOS Package” on sites, but I don’t know what forms make up the “AOS package”.. Does anyone know what forms make up the package? Anyways, so far to my understanding, the forms that I should file are,

I-693- if im already in the US do I have to do the medical report form? is the I-693 form required in the package? does my wife also have to submit one?

and she needs to fill
I 864

is that correct or am i missing a(some) forms? what is the cost of the forms assuming that i will be also be applying for travell permit and work authorization?

thanks so much for the help!!!:-D

Best Answer:

Cost to file went up.

Foreigner files… I-485, I-131, I-765 and G-325A…. $1,070. (AOS you only pay for the I-485)
US citizen files… I-130, I-864 and G-325A…. $420. (AOS you only pay for the I-130)

Total cost $1,490. Http://

If you don’t file I-693 they’ll mail you one and ask that you get the physical done and mail the form back. You can do it now or later. Makes no difference. Https://

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