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Question About Minor Child US Visa Interview

Ken asks…

Student visa to the US?


I need a student visa for about a year to study for a masters in the US. How long in advance do i need to apply and how long does it usually take to process applications?

If i have a police caution from about 3 years for travelling with a child bus ticket, is this likely to affect me?

Best Answer:

Once you get the visa paper from your school (i forgot what they call it), then you should apply for an appt right away with the US embassy in your country. If you are not a citizen of a european country or Australia, New Zealand or Canada or reside elsewhere even if you are one , then you should apply at least 2 months before applying for departure to the States. I live in Toronto and to get visa to the States I need to book an appt. Sometimes I cannot find a time for an interview for 3 months…I actually had to go to Quebec because I could find an appt slot in Toronto. Once and if you are approved for a visa, then it could take a week for you get actually get ur passport stamped with the visa. Sometimes its right away…but if they need to do some additional verifications or do some more background check it could take a week or more. It all depends on how convinced they are of your answers.

Is the police caution in your police record? Were you actually charged and found guilty as a criminal for travelling with a child bus ticket? If no, then the US embassy will probably ignore it, but they may do some additional background checks on you. But if you werent criminally charged or found guilty, you are most probably OK. And lets say that you were found guilty and that went on your record..since the incident seems minor, the embassy may then check to see how old you were when you did it and why? If you are like 30 yrs old, then they may think jeez this person isnt mature and deliberately misled to cheat..but if you were just 18 say, they may not hold it against you. Especially if the crime seems minor in the States. In some countries u go to jail for being gay…but not in the US…so even if you are criminally charged in your country for being gay, the US will not hold it against you.

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