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Betty asks…

Besides Pacman, what other people are Filipinos proud of?

People that help the Philippines be put on the news or international media like Pacman.

Best Answer:

Internationally, there is more to Philippine Boxing than just Manny Pacquiao.

Long before Pacquiao, a little flyweight named Pancho Villa put the Philippines and Asia in the world boxing map by beating the legendary Jimmy Wilde by KO in the Polo Grounds of NY, USA becoming the first Filipino and first Asian to win a world boxing championship.

After WW2, another Filipino boxer by the name of Gabriel “Flash” Elorde once again put the Philippines to world boxing prominence by winning the junior lightweight championship. He held the title for a still standing record of seven long years, not only legitimizing the then newly-created division but also establishing a reign that made him, along with Pancho Villa, among the first few Asians to be inducted in the Boxing hall of Fame.

And there’s Ceferino Garcia who invented and introduced the bolo punch later adopted and made more popular by the likes of Kid Gavilan, Henry Armstrong ,Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonards other the notables. Garcia was the first Filipino and Asian to win world title in the middleweight class and once held the great Armstrong to a draw.

In other fields, we have: Paeng Nepomuceno who holds the most number of World Bowling Cup titles, Oilvia Bong Coo, also in bowling who once held the highest average in winning a world cup tournament even bettering those scored by male bowlers during the same competition, we have singers Lea Salonga, Arnel Pineda, Apl D Ap Pineda of the Black Eyed Peas, CHARICE PEMPENGCO.

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