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Ken asks…

I think I hate being mixed?? (read below)?

Okay I’m mixed race and I hate it. I feel it has made me culturally deprived! And when people think of mixed they think of white and black. But I have the too most awkward mixes!! I am Jewish (my dad is Jewish (it is an ethnicity) and I am Colombian (my mom is Colombian (and being Colombian already has some mixes within because Hispanics are already mixed). Like it’s awkward 1. because people say Jewish is not an ethnicity but it is! It is an ethnicity and a religion. (look it up if you don’t believe me). And 2. because being Colombian is not an ethnicity where as being Hispanic sort of is. To add on to the awkwardness of 2 is because there are smaller mixes that compose the Hispanic blood I received from my mom (Spanish (Spain), Arhuaco (an indigenous people of Colombia), Filipino, Portuguese, and South African. These are so many mixes! I hate it! I just want one ethnicity to identify with, not these awkward ones that people deny or mistake or have misconceptions about their ethnic validity. I HATE IT. Like I have pure Polish friends, pure Han Chinese friends, that have a nice vibrant culture and I am mixed behind having a nice culture. To add insult to injury, my dad and mom are so white-washed that I do not know any second language and we are so freaking American I hate it, like we eat American food and do American things, and I have no touch/connections with my cultures. I feel like my cultures are calling for me and I can never answer them. If i choose to be one culture I neglect all the others (I’ve tried, did not work). So I’m stuck. I just want culture and an ethnic group to identify with. ONE ethnic group. Uhg I hate this. This is the bane of my existence seriously. I feel so culturally deprived when I’m with my friends. Advice?

Best Answer:

Like many people before me said, you are looking at this as a negative thing.
I am Colombian which as you said is already in itself a mix. I am 5’10, have really light skin and green eyes none of which people associate with being Hispanic. I left Colombia when I was 13 and went to schools in different countries where despite speaking spanish at home, really pulled me away from my roots.
Having lived in other places made me take in a little of each culture and instead of feeling like I don’t belong I cherish it because even if my genetic make up doesn’t back it up, I identify myself with many aspects of cultures I have been surrounded with. You should cherish this and also know that now a days it is extremely hard (especially in the western hemisphere) to find people who belong to exclusively one ethnicity.
If you are half Jewish, sweet! Take your personal time to learn more about your Jewish background. Ask your dad about his Judaism. Half Colombian? No problem! Try learning some spanish or informing yourself about that side of your heritage.
No offense but you are on the internet complaining about being mixed while curiously enough on this same Yahoo page you could just type : Colombia and learn about it if your really wanted to. You could also search for Jewish gatherings in your area and involve yourself your so sought after ethnic identity. I don’t want to be rude and I’m sure you are a very nice person but honestly you are going on the internet to complain about being culturally mix? That sounds really bratty given there are millions of people in this very country that aren’t even aware of the world outside them and couldn’t even tell you the different continents on a map, is that what you would like?
Ask your parents to speak to you in their native languages I’m sure they would be thrilled to know that you have interest in your background. Just because you are black or white or asian or mixed, it does not mean you have to identify yourself with ONE specific culture, you can be a little bit of many different cultures, acquire a taste for different types of food or customs. Even if you were just Colombian or just Jewish, you still wouldn’t be just ONE thing and especially here in America that is very rare. Also, Im pretty sure your Polish friends might be from Polish parents but they most likely feel American if they grew up here.

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