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Opinion Question?

If Whites were given a 10 on their overall accomplishment and contribution to society and on their current power economically, militarily, and technologically, the East Asians would be given a ___ compared to that.

Best Answer:

This is what I’ve said/answered in the past. So I’m not gonna repeat it by re-typing everything:

[For those who don’t know much about the Eastern world or Eastern accomplishments]
Because you are reading western historians….. You need to be more circumspect in your “sources”.

Gunpowder was developed in China not the West.

You hear tons about Sir Alexander Flemming and his discovery of penicillin….. But who discovered Aureomycin and even more effective anti-bacteria treatment…..saved millions of live….. Do you know who he was….. Have your read his name in a science book… because he was a Filipino not a westerner.

Prior to the American Civil Rights movement of the 60’s, a reader of history books would have thought blacks did nothing but pick cotton…..then suddenly we discovered they had a significant role in history. The man who developed blood transfusions was black……he save millions of lives…..but do you know his name? By the way, he died from blood loss in a North Carolina hospital because he was black and they refused to give him a blood transfusion….. The thing he developed as a doctor was denied to him. The injustice. The irony. The humanity.

Anyways, getting off topic but as you can see, there’s more to learn and understand than just what’s spoon fed to you.

According to the Cambridge university in England, at least half of all fundamental inventions and discoveries in the entire world were made by the Chinese. Much more than all of Europe combined. The university’s research is endorsed by the United Nations (UNESCO). It is based on these fundamental breakthroughs that the west built on to create what we have today.

Ref : “Science and Civilisation in China Series” published by Cambridge University Press in 7 volumes.

( PS. However, this book by Robert Temple maybe easier (and cheaper) to read for the average layperson : “The Genius of China” )

From a personal stand point, a large majority of China is rural (have you looked at the map lately, most cities are along the coast), but China has the second most billionaires in the world behind the United States. So they have very wealthy and very poor people. Maybe it’s this huge noticeable contrast that makes you think China is poor when it’s far from it. Did you know the Chinese government holds majority of the US government’s national debt? That suggests that China is more wealthy than US. Having lived in Beijing and Shanghai, I know for a fact that Chinese cities are cleaner and more advanced (and a lot more fun) than European cities and American cities. China has a lot of problems, sure, but they are handling them a lot better than Europe or America could if put in the same situation. If you can’t tell from just the news on TV, China is advancing quite fast. That’s just one country in Asia. Look at Japan. It is by far more advanced and much cleaner and civilised than America or Europe. Korea too. The thing I’ve found that some people don’t realise about China is what its impressive lengthy history has to offer. These people just look at the face value of how China appears to these people like yourself for instance, which is half truths at best. China was far more advanced than Europe back then. Then whether it’s being too comfortably sheltered from the rest of the world (even the name China in mandarin means center kingdom/country or center of the world) due to having everything within its own country or some other reason, China stayed stagnant in its lifestyle, while other nations in Europe progressed. But now in modern times, China has opened its doors and is progressing quite fast, to the point that many aspects in China are even more advanced than Europe and America. I think it’s because of its long history, in which one can learn from, the wisdom, the experience, the knowledge, that has helped China to advance like it is presently.

One of the best things about China is its history and philosophy such as Confucius. Every Chinese person I meet is friendly and completely non-violent. It has the second least violent crimes rate in the world behind Japan. From children to elderly, Chinese are all very respectful and do not even think about violence to settle disputes. Why? Because of their philosophy: Confucius. Every part of life and society in China has been influenced by him. He is the reason why China has lasted 5000 years and not self destructed like the US is doing after only 230 years. I have lived in Beijing and despite being twice the size of Los Angeles at 15 million people, there is no violence and no shootings. Similarly when comparing to London. Just a thought.

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