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George asks…

what’s the difference between these races or cultures (rather)?

what’s the difference between african-americans, africans, jamaicans, dominicans, caribbeans, and what ever other race that looks black lol. (p.s. i’m not racist i’m part black myself lol)

what’s the difference between latinos like mexicans, el salvadorians, brazilians, south americans, mexican-americans, etc.

what’s the difference between caucasian people like white, british, irish, australian, austrian, english people, etc. or whatever race looks white to you (btw i’m part white also…lol)

what’s the difference between asians like japanese, chinese, vietnamese, filipinos, cambodians, koreans, asian-americans, etc.

what’s the difference between samoans, tongans, and hawaiians, etc. they look pretty much alike

what’s the difference between indians, native americans, and fijians

and what’s the difference between any other race that looks a-like?

Best Answer:

It’s not correct to think that populations which look alike are more related. For instance, there are several dark-skinned populations which live across the equator belt that are genetically very distant. Then there are light-skinned Southern European populations which have more Sub-Saharan ancestry in them than the darkest skinned people from India. Skin color does not really indicate racial ancestry.

Europeans: there’s not a huge difference between ”white” people, however genetic plots show that the Lapps/Sami are outliers.

East Asians/Southeast Asians: This is rather more interesting. The divide between East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans) and Southeast Asians (Thai, Malaysians, Filipinos) etc is the biggest racial divide outside of Africa.

Also Indians from Asia don’t look at all like Native Americans or Fijians so I don’t get that one. In fact Indians from Asia are technically ”Caucasian” and cluster closer on genes to Iranians and then to Greeks/Italians. Here are some population genetics studies by Cavalli-sforza, it might help you to understand the relationship between different groups and the genetic distances between populations.

Cavalli-Sforza’s Principal Coordinate (PC) autosomal DNA haplogroup gene mappings of major human ethnic and racial groups:
^^Caucasians in the far upper right square

Cavalli-sforza genetic distance between populations:

Cavalli-Sforza gene chart of the human race:

Cavalli-Sforza map showing general genetic distance:

genetic tree:

Edit @ManintheIronMask: Aside from Malaysians/Filipinos etc. South Asian Indians don’t have a ”great deal” of Australoid DNA at all. If they did, you would see them cluster closer to Oceanians, in fact, on populations genetics studies, they cluster the closest on genes to Iranians. Most of their Y-haplogroups are Indo-European (R1a, R2, J2, H & L), otherwise only found in Middle Eastern and European populations, absent in Australian Aborigines, while over 40% of their mtDNA is composed of a European genepool.

The Australoid and Mongoloid mixture in them is the least mixture. They are predominantly Caucasian. Interestingly, the Australoid tribals in the Indian Subcontinent have East Asian haplogroups and are more similar to East Asians on genes.

Genometv: Introduction to Population Genetics

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