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Steven asks…

I’ll be going to the Philippines (any suggestions)?

Ok I’m a student here in the U.S. I will be taking a long vacation to the Philippines. My college fund this year had a surplus of over $5,000. Of course this was the money saved up by my parents for this year of my college only. The reason why I don’t want to save this money is because due to the fact that my parents will not be giving my next year’s money for college if I have some left over money. So I decided I want to go and take a vacation to the Philippines. What are the places that are good to see or go to over there? Also would it be smart to rent a car as well for my entire vacation? Also what would be a smart spending with the $5,000? I’m really really stress from college and I really need a nice vacation. So please do give your advice and I really thank you for your kindness.

Best Answer:

First the Philippines is a good choice. It is a tropical paradise that the people speak English. Becareful how you ask a question!! Filipinos will say yes to anything to be polite. Ask which way should I turn. Do not ask should I turn left.

DO NOT RENT a car. Public transportation by taxi or tricycle or jeepney is everywhere and very cheap. The traffic is very bad. No one stops at a stop sign. Motorcycles do not have lights, or super dim lights. A foreigner in an accident will be at fault. Also many islands do not have access by car ferry, only passenger ferry.

$ 5,000.00 should be plenty of money. The most expensive thing will be the airfare. I have flown Northwest and had good luck. Cebu Pacific is good for local flights. On my flights from the USA I would leave the USA on Saturday morning. I would arrive in Manila at 11 PM Sunday night. I then took an early morning flight to Cebu. On Monday afternoon the jet lag hit me and I was really tired. It is strange when we landed in Japan, they just fed US breakfast on the airplane. I saw the sun at the horizon, sunrise, no sunset.

If you like slim girls with dark tans, black hair, and dark eyes, then you are in paradise. They will love a tall American.

Boracay is the most famous torrist spot. It is rated one of the ten best beaches in the world. It has lots of international tourists.

Apuau Grande Island is very nice. The beach is white sand and the water is clear. There is only one resort on the island. The rooms are nice and clean and only 20 feet from the beach. No AC is needed.

You need to get away from the cities. See how the rest of the people live. It is different from America. In a city of 177,000 people the supermarket has only one kind of cheese and it is frozen. Everything is sold in smaller size packages than in America. Vegetables are very poor quality. There are no frozen vegetables, no frozen TV dinner type foods, no pretzels, and no beef steaks.

Buy a copy of the Lonely Planet travel guide for the Philippines. It has extreme detail, maps, hotels, prices, phone numbers.

Traffic moves slowly. You will not go 60 miles in one hour, as in America. 60 miles distance might take two hours by taxi. It could take three or four fours by bus with stops. Pick a few good spots and spend a couple days in each. Otherwise you will spendall your time on a bus or ferry.

Camotes Islands is said to be very nice with white sand and clear water.

If your cell phone will not work in the Philippines, then buy one locally. Some phones only cost $ 15.00. There is no contract. Just buy the minutes you need on a phone card. When you leave give the phone to someone who helped you. You can call clear to the USA from your cell phone.

Check on the web for online meeting sites. You could find a girl to show you around the country.

If you like slim girls with dark tans, black hair, and dark eyes, then you are in paradise. They will love a tall American.

Below is other info about Philippines.

First world is USA, Canada, Europe, Japan
Second world Russia and old soviet block
Third world everything else.

The main Spanish influence is the Christian religion.

Listed are some of the differences that I have noticed.

Security guards with guns are at almost all stores. Banks have four guards, two with shot guns. In a city of 127,000 the supermarket has only one kind of cheese, and it is frozen. Vegetables are very poor quality. There are no frozen vegetables, no frozen TV dinner type foods, no pretzels, and no beef steaks.

Public transportation is excellent. Only the rich people have cars. You will see four people riding one motorcycle. None of them will have helmets. The largest department store in the city has about 20 parking spaces. Travel is much much slower, than in America.

There is no junk mail. The phone yellow pages is only about 1/4 inch thick in Cebu the third largest city. Even poor construction laborers have cell phones. The cheapest cost about $ 14.00. There is no phone contract you buy a prepaid minutes card. Texting is done a lot because it is cheaper.

Medical care and drugs are cheap. A major surgery without insurance costs about as much as in America with insurance. A checkup by a doctor cost 200 pesos, about $4.25 with no insurance.

Power failures are common. All the rich people in the city have a wall around the house, a dog and maybe a gun. Houses that are large and nice, by any standard will have a tiny yard, or no yard.

Out in the country the electric may not be on all the time. I was at Limasawa Island and the electric was shutoff at about 10PM, on again in morning.

They do have some odd foods. They also will serve hot foods, cold. It does not bother them. Personally I have skipped fried eggs because they were at room temperature. Chicken Adobo is good.

Most of the packages are a third or more smaller. Many things normally sold in bottles are so

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