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Thomas asks…

How many Seas are there in the world?

Best Answer:

This is such a great question! Thought provoking
wow… I never thought about this… And never bothered to count them… Look into….

I get 103 plus the oceans

Atlantic Ocean
Argentine Sea
Baffin Bay
Gulf of St. Lawrence
Bay of Fundy
Caribbean Sea
Gulf of Mexico
Sargasso Sea
North Sea
Chesapeake Bay
Baltic Sea
Central Baltic Sea
Gulf of Bothnia
Bay of Bothnia
Bothnian Sea
Gulf of Finland
Sea of the Hebrides
Irish Sea
Celtic Sea
English Channel
Mediterranean Sea
Adriatic Sea
Aegean Sea
Mirtoon Sea
Sea of Crete
Thracian Sea
Alboran Sea
Marmara Sea
Black Sea
Sea of Azov
Catalan Sea
Ionian Sea
Ligurian Sea
Tyrrhenian Sea
Gulf of Sidra
Sea of Marmara

Arctic Ocean
Hudson Bay
James Bay
Barents Sea
Kara Sea
Beaufort Sea
Amundsen Gulf
Greenland Sea
Norwegian Sea
Chukchi Sea
Laptev Sea
East Siberian Sea
White Sea
Lincoln Sea

Indian Ocean
Red Sea
Gulf of Aden
Persian Gulf
Gulf of Oman
Arabian Sea
Bay of Bengal
Andaman Sea
Timor Sea

Pacific Ocean
Chilean Sea
Bering Sea
Gulf of Alaska
Salish Sea
Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California)
Sea of Okhotsk
Sea of Japan
Seto Inland Sea
East China Sea
South China Sea
Sulu Sea
Celebes Sea
Bohol Sea (Mindanao Sea)
Philippine Sea
Camotes Sea
Flores Sea
Banda Sea
Arafura Sea
Timor Sea
Tasman Sea
Yellow Sea
Bohai Sea
Coral Sea
Gulf of Carpentaria
Bismarck Sea
Solomon Sea
Ceram Sea
Halmahera Sea
Molucca Sea
Savu Sea
Java Sea
Gulf of Thailand

Southern Ocean
Weddell Sea
Ross Sea
Great Australian Bight
Gulf Saint Vincent
Spencer Gulf
Scotia Sea
Amundsen Sea
Bellingshausen Sea
Davis Sea

Landlocked seas
Aral Sea
Caspian Sea
Dead Sea
Sea of Galilee
Salton Sea
Great Salt Lake

copy/paste from wikipedia;

A sea is a large expanse of saline water connected with an ocean, or a large, usually saline, lake that lacks a natural outlet such as the Caspian Sea and the Dead Sea. The term is used colloquially as synonymous with ocean, as in “the tropical sea” or “down to the sea shore”, or even “sea water” to refer to water of the ocean. Large lakes, such as the Great Lakes, are sometimes referred to as inland seas. Many seas are marginal seas, in which currents are caused by ocean winds; others are mediterranean seas, in which currents are caused by differences in salinity and temperature.

The International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) is the world authority when it comes to defining seas. The current defining document is the Special publication S-23, Limits of Oceans and Seas, 3rd edition, 1953. The second edition dated back to 1937, and the first to 1928. A fourth edition draft was published in 1986 but so far several naming disputes (such as the one over the Sea of Japan) have prevented its ratification.

The Sea of Galilee is a small freshwater lake with a natural outlet, which is properly called Lake Tiberias or Lake Kinneret on modern Israeli maps, but its archaic name remains in use.
The Sea of Cortez is more commonly known as the Gulf of California.
The Persian Gulf is a sea.
The Dead Sea is actually a lake.

Thank you for taking the time to read this….
Thank you for the lesson here too… Seven seas is all I ever knew before reading your question….
Hope this has helped to answer your question

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