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John asks…

What are good safe hotels to stay in in Manila?

So me and my girl friend are planing a trip to the Philippines. I would like to know what are some tourist destinations in Manila and what are best hotels to stay in? I would also like some at a reasonable price.
Okay I’ve been thinking about “The Malayan Plaza.”:[0].numberOfAdults=2&tab=description&arrivalDate=10-12-10&hotelId=269225&validate=false

Also the “Discovery Suites” vdoes any one know if these two hotels are any good?

So what do all think about those two or choices or shoullld I go with one of the ones suggested by any of you guys.

Best Answer:

Discovery Suites is definitely nice. And since you do have the budget, go to Discovery Shores in Boracay. Same owners, same excellent service.

You could also stay at Roxas Boulevard or nearby. If you have the budget, it’s Sofitel Philippine Plaza. Or Hyatt Hotel and Casino. If you want something more reasonable,Traders Hotel along Roxas Blvd. Whether near or on Roxas Blvd, don’t miss the sunset on Manila Bay.

Not that many tourist destinations in Manila, mostly malls. But you can go to places described below, all within the city of Manila, not far from each other. Do a Google and google map search as you need to know more than my quick description, and the history/photos of the places I’ll mention.

Rizal Park, specifically the monument of Jose Rizal, national hero. There is also the Japanese garden, and nearer the bay, an oceanarium called Manila Ocean Park. After that, National Museum nearby. Then go to the walled city of Intramuros, where you will see Fort Santiago, San Agustin Church and museum, Manila Cathedral. Then go to Chinatown to see Binondo Church and Ongpin St., main street of Chinatown, where you can have authentic Chinese meals. You can also visit Malacanang museum. Malacanang is the residence of the Philippine President, but they have a museum with things like Imelda’s shoes. I do not know if it is open at this time though.

All these you could do in a day, maybe two at more leisurely pace.

It would be good to go out of town, via domestic flights, to any or all of these locations: Donsol, Boracay, Coron, Bohol, Cebu City.

Donsol is where you can swim with whalesharks on a guided tour. Boracay is the best developed beach, with the finest white sand, lots of sea activities and nightlife. Coron, Palawan lots of rock formations and little islands, pristine place,great beach. Cebu City & nearby Mactan, like Manila, has a lot of Spanish history. Bohol — see tarsiers and the Chocolate Hills, the monument to the blood compact, as well as resorts in Panglao.

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