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Ken asks…

If humanity started in Africa, why are some of US white, brown, yellow and etc ?

Best Answer:

Well, there are lots of views on where humanity started. The main one is that we all started in Africa, and the other is that we all came from China. But evidence supports the former, that we all came from africa.

If you recall, way back wen, all the continents were clumped together and called pangea. As the world started to evolve, the continents started breaking up, and people who were on the pieces of land that were drifting away were going along with it.

There are N, S, E, and W. The North and South are cold (the poles) and near the equator it is hot. People who were on the land that drifted north are mostly light skinned (cold, snow, staying indoors), and people who are in hotter regions tend to get more brown.

If you look at regions in europe, there are all kinds of colors, and the middle east. I saw a documentary once about the origin of man. They said it happened in africa.
That some africans traveled from africa to the middle east, towards asia ans so forth.

If you get towards uzbekistan, kyrgyzstan, tajikistan area, they looks sort of asian, and look sort of russian, that we look similar.

You might wonder about australia and new zealand because when you think of them you probably might imagine a lighter skinned person, but the original people were aboriginis and maoris. They are very dark skinned.

If you just kinda look at the different faces in the world and make a map of a face from each country and spread it on the world map, you can see some resemblances and mixes of races. There is no such thing as a “pure” race.

Even if you’re “pure” filipino, you’ll most likely have Spanish blood. If you’re japanese, you probably have chinese blood.

We’re all mixed but we all came from africa.

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