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Chris asks…

is it true that the 3rd largest mall in the world can be found in the philippines?

is it true that the 3rd largest mall in the world can be found in the philippines? and tell me where can be found the 1st and the 2nd largest? and tell me what are the names of these malls. thanks!

Best Answer:

The SM Mall of Asia is the largest shopping mall in the Philippines and the third largest shopping mall in the world in terms of gross floor size (next to the Golden Resources Mall in China and West Edmonton Mall in Canada). It opened on May 21, 2006[1].

It is owned and operated by SM Prime Holdings, under the management of Henry Sy, a Filipino-Chinese business tycoon — regarded as one of the wealthiest men in Asia. (Forbes 2006 ranks him as the 14th richest person in southeast Asia, and “Henry Sy and family” as 74th richest person in the “Asia and Australia” region)

The Mall of Asia was constructed within the reclamation area, west of Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City, aptly nicknamed “Bay City”. It is built on 19.5 hectares of reclaimed land and has a gross floor area of 386,000 square meters. The mall is located at the southmost tip of Epifanio de los Santos Avenue. A roundabout was constructed in the front of the mall with a huge bronze globe similar to Universal Studios. An esplanade was constructed at the back of the mall where it served as the observation center for the First World Pyro Olympics in December 2005.

The mall consists of four buildings interconnected by walkways: the Main Mall, Entertainment Mall, and the North and South Carpark Buildings. One of its unique features is a 20-seater tram to make it easier for shoppers to go around. The management’s priority is to make sure shoppers will not get lost inside the mall. There will be two concierge desks—one in the Main Mall and another in the Entertainment Mall. Maps will be given out, and there will be signs aplenty. The Main Mall will include shopping and dining establishments, the food court. The South Parking building will house the SM Department store and half of the 5,000 parking spaces while the North Parking building will include the SM Hypermarket, a spacious office space and more dining areas.

The mall’s newest attraction is the Pacifica Entertainment Plaza. Besides bowling and billiards facilities, the building will house 10 theaters, including a Director’s Club and the first ever IMAX theater in the Philippines. The theater, named as the San Miguel Coca-Cola IMAX Theater would also have the largest screen in the Philippines at 22 x 30 meters, similar to the height of an eight-story building. The mall also features an Olympic sized skating rink and a science museum. The mall also provides office space. Dell International Services, a subsidiary of Dell, Inc. Occupies a 13,470.5-square meter area at the second floor of the north parking building of the mall.

It is the third largest mall in the world, behind the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and the Golden Resources Mall in Beijing, China.

The mall is the centerpiece project of the SM Prime at the newly developed SM Central Business Park, where five one-story buildings serve as the company’s corporate offices. Construction began in mid-2002 right after the completion of its corporate offices. Construction slowed down awaiting availability of funds. In early 2004 SM Prime accelerated the construction when the Ty family, who owns Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company successfully erected a leisure park, medical school, dining strip and residential complex at Macapagal Boulevard, adjacent to the SM Central Business Park. The mall would have opened before Christmas Day of 2005 but had been delayed due to hitches in the delivery of construction materials. Frequent rains in the last quarter of 2005 also delayed the turnover of mall space to tenants. SM Prime decided to move the opening date to March 3, 2006.

On February 27, 2006, local newspaper Manila Standard Today, reported that a team of Pasay City engineers found huge cracks underneath the structure, which was causing the structure to vibrate. When questioned about the inspection, the Pasay City Engineering Department has categorically denied making any statement regarding defects in the Mall of Asia. Engineer Edwin Javaluyas, Pasay City engineering officer, in his letter to SM Prime Holdings Inc., said he never stated that the city hall’s engineering department inspected the Mall of Asia on February 23, 2006.

SM Prime however decided to move the opening to May 21, 2006. Jeffrey Lim, corporate information officer of SM Prime Holdings, emphasized that a rescheduling of the mall’s opening was made to give the company an opportunity to allow more tenants to open shops and denied that the change was due to structural defects.

On May 20, 2006, the mall was officially inaugurated by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo with a special screening of Everest in the San Miguel Coca-Cola IMAX Theater. The movie was shown three days after tri-athlete Leo Oracion became the first Filipino to reach the treacherous mountain’s summit.

Adjacent to the south parking building, a two-hectare area has been allocated for the site of a 16,000-capacity multi-purpose coliseum/arena for sporting events, concerts and entertainment shows. It is set to rival the 50-year old Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City. Furthermore, a planned convention/conference center measuring 12,000 square meters will be built as an attractive venue for major conferences and trade exhibits. The convention center once constructed, will be a newer alternative to the Philippine International Convention Center, erected in 1976, located a few blocks away. Along with this, two hotel developments are also planned for construction.

Also set to the right of the north parking building, The SM iCity is a 69,300-square-meter area allocated to serve as a prime venue for companies engaged in software development and IT-enabled services. A mix of single and multi-storey buildings will be developed to provide for the office and workspace requirements of prospective IT-related locator companies and for support office and backroom operations of business process outsourcing. The first building, OneE-comCenter, began March 8, 2006 and is scheduled for completion in July 2007.

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