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Jenny asks…

How many hours to trek GenSan to CDO via Valencia City?

Using any passable trails and roads to shorten the distance?
How hard to trek the trails? I can’t figure out on G Earth what kind of terrains isolating the 3 cities.

Best Answer:

Interactive Map of General Santos;_ylt=AsfIrkKRCPvHnCOWVs3u5LtNG2oL

This map though does not provide trekking routes will help you see the places you considered to trek.

And a peek into Mindanao & Bukidnon may be found here.

This is altogether a different interest but is a worthwhile trip.

Travel pictures gallery you may be interested to have a look.

To go on this daring adventure, it would be wise to seek the help of those who have had similar experience. Hereunder is a list of Philippine Trekking Groups.

And you’ll find a link to Talakudong Mountaineer blog on Bukidnon adventure.

Enjoy your adventure and be safe.

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