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Daniel asks…

why should logic be taught in english?

what is the best reason why logic should be taught in English? why not in filipino or another language?

Best Answer:

I think logic should be taught in every course, not just English, so that students learn to make connections between events* that they read, see or hear. Logic helps people reach conclusions and progressions that are based on sound argument and reasoning. It helps critical thinking processes.

*Events can be grammar rules; fact based in history or science; colours and codes on maps of cities, towns, subways; pictures; musical compositions including lyrics. Events are anything that you encounter in your everyday life. It is how I always taught my English classes, and is nothing new to me.

Take a look at Charles Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities” and then read the histories of England and France (as well as other European nations) to see how Dickens used historical fact to build the story. Read Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” and note how he relates a tale about class structure, materialism and money in 1920s USA, and his use of symbols. Read Sachar’s novel “Holes” to learn about the justice system, fate and co-incidence. Those are just some of the ways you can use logic to study literature, among other things.

(Sorry that my answer doesn’t give a full explanation why logic should be taught in all classes. English class seems as good a place as any to learn the rudiments and then apply them to other core areas. When I taught English we spent a lot of time looking at literature as a way of understanding the time in which it was written, the human condition and the universality of the work.)

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