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Sharon asks…

contemporary music from the philippines?

like rock..
i live in the US, but last summer i went there and there was this awesome song it like went “sabo pinoy” or something like that

but i really wanna get into the whole phililppine music because im half pinay lol

thanks !

Best Answer:

Below are some information about contemporary pino music:

* Sponge Cola is a Filipino rock band formed in 2002.

* Hale is an OPM band from the Philippines, composed of Champ Lui Pio, Roll Martinez, Sheldon Gellada, and Omnie Saroca.

* Bamboo is a Filipino alternative rock band founded in 2002 by the former vocalist of Rivermaya, Bamboo Mañalac.

* Imago is a Filipino pop rock band composed of Aia De Leon (vocals/guitars), Myrene “Maps” Academia (bass), Tim Cacho (guitars) and Zach Lucero (drums) known for songs such as Akap, Anino, Ewan, Taralets and Sundo.

* Up Dharma Down is a Filipino band that won the In The Raw Award at the 2005 NU 107 Rock Awards, and as Best New Artist and Best Female Award for vocalist and keyboardist, Armi Millare, at the 2006 NU 107 Rock Awards. Their first album, Fragmented, under independent record label Terno Recordings, has been one of 2006’s critically acclaimed albums in the local music scene.

* Pupil is a Filipino rock band composed of Ely Buendia on frontman duties and guitars, Yan Yuzon on lead guitar, Dok Sergio on bass and Wendell Garcia (who replaced Bogs Jugo) on drums.

* Orange and Lemons was a Filipino pop rock band formed in 2003.

and my absolute favorite:
Rivermaya is one of the most influential alternative rock bands in the Philippines. The band has several well-known singles, such as “Ulan,” “214,” “Himala,” “Kisap Mata,” “Hinahanap Hanap Kita”, “If”, “You’ll Be Safe Here” and many others. Founded in 1993, the band’s musical direction has evolved through simple rock, hard rock, pop, metal, progressive, etc.

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