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Jenny asks…

Philippines to Egypt Visa..American passport holder?

Im going to the Philippines on Jan 5 and im planning to visit Egypt on the 15th. So my departure will be in the philippines.

Can i obtain Visa on arrival (egypt)?. Or do i have to get visa before my Departure?. Im still here in usa. If i need to get visa b4 my departure (phils) I plan to apply here in usa.

Some said i can obtain visa on arrival as i hold american passport. Just need more info. before my flight.

Please if anyone can help me about this matter. I would really appreciate it. Thanks

Best Answer:

You won’t need a visa for your 10 day visit to the Philippines. A 30-day tourist visa for Egypt can be obtained on arrival (fee US$15). If you don’t want to queue on arrival you still got enough time to process it through an Egyptian consulate since it only takes 2 working days. Consulates of Egypt are located at Washington, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Houston. On the bottom of the 2nd source you can check which one is applicable for your visa application depending on the state you are living in.


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