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Question About Requirements For US Visa From China

Paul asks…

What are the requirements and the procedure for student visa for a chinese citizen?

Hi, I wanted to know about the requirements and the procedure by which a chinese citizen can attain a student visa for studying abroad like in France or in US. I’m from India so I am not aware of the requirements and stuff. My future wife 😛 is from china and can’t devote enough time for seeking the information because her final term exams are near. Please help me out, and if possible please give me your email or any id on windows live messenger, skype or facebook so i can contact you. Thankyou very much for helping 🙂 Have a great day
i forgot to mention that i’ll be going to study in america in a year most probably. Right now i’m preparing for the exams.
Thankyou charlie, I also need to know about the procedure of acquiring a visa in china when my future wife has received the required documents from the university.

Best Answer:

To get a student visa in the U.S., she must first apply to a university and be accepted…and pay tuition for 1st semester. Then, the international student office at that university will help her apply for the student visa. See sites below for info on getting a student visa.

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