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Question About Requirements For US Visa From Jamaica

Daniel asks…

What are the entry requirements for Jamaica?

I am a US citizen and I am aware that all I need is my US passport and no visa is required for me to pass through customs. My issue is that they require you to show proof that you have enough money to cover the length of your stay. Has anyone traveled to Jamaica recently and had to prove they had enough money to afford their stay? The truth is I am only flying into and out of the country, not staying in the country. Since this is the case, I want to make sure that I won’t be denied entry due to a technicality.
According to the state department website “Visitors to Jamaica must have a return ticket and be able to show sufficient funds for their visit.” I interpret it to mean that I have to have enough money to afford my stay, not to get home. I could be wrong.

Best Answer:

I suggest you need to contact the US embassy in Jamaica to double check as Jamaica is a law less country. If you have a credit card that should be enough as you are just passing though. But you do have to prove that do have enough money to get back home regardless if its a holiday or not.
They do this with anyone coming into the US too.

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