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Question About Requirements For US Visa From Jamaica

Michael asks…

have a Caricom passport(Jamaica) does this mean I can travel to any Caribbean island without a Visa?

Best Answer:


Passport holders of Jamaica may stay as tourists without a visa in:
Antigua & Barbuda (6m); the Bahamas (3m); Barbados (6m); Belize (1m); Dominica (6m); Grenada (3m); Guyana (3m); Haiti (3m); Montserrat (3m); Netherlands Antilles (3m); St. Kitts & Nevis (3m); St. Lucia (6w); St. Vincent & Grenadines (1m); Suriname (120d); Trinidad & Tobago (6m).
[d=days; w=weeks; m=months]

A tourist card can be obtained for Cuba [fee US$25] and the Dominican Republic [fee US$10].

A visa is required for Anguilla; Aruba; Bermuda; British Virgin Islands; Cayman Islands; French West Indies; Puerto Rico; Turks & Caicos Islands; U.S. Virgin Islands.

The visa requirement to Anguilla is waived for those who hold a valid U.K. Visa; no visa is required for the Turks & Caicos Islands for holders of a valid visa issued by Canada, the United Kingdom, or the United States.

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