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Question About Requirements For US Visa In Philippines

Chris asks…

If a lady from the Philippines wants to visit the US and marry what requirements does she need to get a visa?

Best Answer:

This is sort of a tricky question as in
1. She wants to come LOOK for a husband
2. She has a fiancee & wants to come & be married in the US

If #1 & she is young & cannot prove that she will return to the Philippines then she will not get a tourist visa but if she is older, well established & can prove that is will come back to the Philippines her chances of getting the visa is more likely
If #2 she cannot come on a tourist visa it must be on a fiancee visa. The man must file for it in the US. He must show proof that he has met the woman, they have corresponded & it is not an arranged marriage plus she is marrying him for love & not just to come to the US
To do it I really strongly recommend hiring an Immigration Lawyer as it will cut down on the time (& headaches) of doing it yourself
You can find more info at this website

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