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Question About Requirements For US Visa Interview Philippines

Nancy asks…

what are the requirements for a fiancee visa in the Philippines?

my fiance is going to file a fiance visa. As a fiancee from the Philippines,what are the things I should prepare for that visa process?

Best Answer:

Having gone through the process myself, i can tell you that in preparation you can put together all proofs of your relationship – as mentioned by one of the answerers that could include photos of the two of you, ORIGINALS of any letters exchanged between you, including the envelope showing the stamp and addresses, any printouts of chats and emails you have. Those are just some of the proofs you can bring with you and include in your petition. When putting together the papers and documents for the petition, make sure to fill out the forms carefully and follow instructions. Lots of times delays and sometimes denials of the petition are due to careful filling of forms or incomplete documents and papers. So be sure to check and double check everything before sending in the petition.

When the petition is approved and you receive the packet from the embassy, follow the instructions given. During the interview, make sure to bring your letter from the embassy, the packet, papers and of course, proofs of your relationship.

You can get more information as well as keep updated on the status of your petition through the official uscis site online and the US dept of state site:

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