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Question About Travel Outside US During Adjustment Of Status

Thomas asks…

Green card/status adjustment?

My brother is getting married to his fiancee sometime this year. He’s a US citizen and his fiancee is a British citizen living in the UK at the moment. They want to get married asap but the processing time for the k-1 visa is around 6 months. Would it be better for my brother( US citizen) to get married in the UK… they both want to reside in the US permanently so if they got married in the UK how would his future wife adjust her status. Also how long would it take… would it be quicker to adjust status from non immigrant to immigrant when you get married in the US or outside it.
Appreciate your help
If he resides in the UK he can apply for her immigrant visa in the UK? How long would this take?

Best Answer:

Either way, it’s the same wait time. If he wants to get married ASAP, he should get married ASAP! Tell him to go to the UK and marry her. Tell him to have a nice, long honeymoon with her, and then he must travel back to the USA and apply for her residency, and she must wait in the UK until she gets it. Yeah, it’ll take about a year for her to get it. BUt he can travel back and forth for conjugal visits during that time.

Fiance visa means wait time. Immigrant Visa (permanent residency, like I described above) means wait time. Can’t do anything about it. You gotta arrange your life’s affairs around theise stupid laws. Waddaya gonna do??

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