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David asks…

Is it true that most Visitor Visa applications from Jamaica to the United States are denied?

I was told that about 90% of Jamaicans who apply for a visitors visa to the United States are denied…even if they meet all the criteria. Is that true? Do you personally know Jamaicans who have applied for a vistors visa to go to the U.S. to visit a friend (not family) and had their visa request granted?

Best Answer:

This could very well be true. I myself have been turned down once before. It took a medical condition for me to get a visitors visa some years later. At the time that I first applied, I had been working at my job in a good position at a local bank for a couple of years. I owned a car and had my own place. I had money in the bank and excellent credit. I wanted to go to Florida for my vacation to Disney but I got the tired old line that I did not have enough ties and so I was turned down.
I can’t speak for everyone else but I know more people who have been turned down than those that have gotten through.
I have since gotten a visa (which expired last week incidentally). I might have to go back for a new one for me and also for my kids but honestly I think I would rather have a root canal. Since September 11, travelling to the US has been unpleasant so we go elsewhere. It costs more to go the UK but on the whole you don’t get treated like a criminal off the bat.

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