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Sharon asks…

Moving to the states?!?!?

I’m currently 16, living in Canada and planning on visiting a friend in the states for longer then 6 months.
I have a few questions.

-Can i fly internationally at 16 without a parents consent?
-How can i stay in the states longer then 6 months without becoming an American citizen?
-How could i work in the states without being a citizen? Is this possible?

Is there anything else i should know?
It help alot 🙂 Thanks.

Best Answer:

As a Canadian citizen you may visit the United States for up to 180 days. After that, you must return to Canada. You may not work in the United States without a green card (work permit).

You need a passport to fly outside of Canada. Your parents must fill out a passport application for you. You can probably book a flight yourself, though paying cash will likely raise questions. Upon arriving in the US, US customs will probably ask a lot of question to 16 year-old traveling without an adult. They’ll definitely want to know where you are staying, for how long, which who, etc. They’ll also want to see a return plane ticket. If they here you are staying for six months, they’ll be asking questions about school, your family, and probably holding you until the phone them. They recommend that minors carry a letter from their parents saying where you are going along with their contact information and that of who you are staying with.

In order to stay in the United States beyond six months, you need either a student visa or a green card (work visa). Neither of which you can apply for at 16. When you enter the US, your passport is scanned. They may also put a note in when they expect you to leave. At the end of 180 days, if your passport has not been scanned returning to Canada… It is flagged and a warrant for your removal is issued. After this, you are banned from entering the US or applying for any visas for a minimum of five years.

You need a green card (work visa) in order to work in the United States. You need to be 18 in order to apply for one and you need a job offer from a US company in specific fields.

Presumably, if you are going this without your parents permission, they will be reporting you as a runaway. They’ll know from your passport that you entered the US and they’ll contact authorities there. They’ll also pull your passport. Finally, you can’t live in the US at 16. You can’t get a US driver’s license, you can’t open a bank account, you can’t rent an apartment, you can’t deposit a pay cheque, you won’t have health care coverage, etc., etc.

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