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Joseph asks…

I am a Dubai resident and would like to take my parents (65-70 years old) to a tour to the United States. How?

My parents are Indian residents.

Best Answer:

All of you need passports and all of you need to apply for a non-immigrant tourist visa to the U.S. What is your nationality and the nationality of your parents. Being a resident ot Dubai does not mean you are a citizen of Dubai. Are you Indian? Are your parents Indian citizens? If so, they need to apply for their visa through the American consulate closest to them in India. You need to apply at the American embassy in Dubai since you are living there. The one BIG thing the viosa officer will want to see at your interview is that each of you has proof of COMPELLING reasons to return to your home when you are supposed to…own a home or business, have a lot of money in the bank, have a great job to return to. Poor people are not granted visas. About 50% of applications are declined…so be sure to have that compelling proof of reasons to return to your homes. YOU can use the site below to begin your application. Follow all directions on 1st site below. Your parents need to use the 2nd site.

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