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Laura asks…

Visa requirements- Germany?


I am planning to work for an employer on permanent basis in Germany.If i have to arrange for a Visa, what type of Visa i should prefer for this purpose.

Is it possible to work under the long stay visa ? Is there any type of Visa which covers the right to do for employment throughout Europe ?

Seeking your inputs..

Best Answer:

Forget about the first answer; the answerer has just copied/pasted some websites published for the United States without any relations to India.

In order to get a working visa for Germany your prospective employer must apply for an authorization to hire a non-EU citizen through the German Labour Agency. To get such type of authorization is almost impossible at present since the employer must provide proof that it was not possible to find a qualified applicant within the German and the European Union labour market almost impossible nowadays unless you are a highly qualified specialist in a field in which vacancies cannot be filled by European Union workforce.

Once your prospective employer should have gotten the approval by the German Labour Agency a working contract may be concluded which must be forwarded with your application for a limited residence permit (Aufenthaltstitel) which covers the authorization to work in Germany. The processing will take between 8 and 12 weeks.

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Although short term visiting and business visa procedures up to 90 days have been standardized for 25 European countries under the Schengen agreement the issue of long term visa for study or work is still based on national law and there is no visa which gives the right of employment throughout Europe for non-European citizens.
It is planned to establish a so called “Blue Card System” which will facilitate the working conditions for highly qualified non-Europeans, however it will not be in place before 2011 and some countries like Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom will not participate.

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