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Question About US Born Indian Child Visa

Robert asks…

Indian Citizenship and Passport for US Born Child?

I am an Indian Citizen working with H1B Visa in US. My wife is on H4 Visa. We do not have any intention to settle / stay back here in USA permanently.

We are expecting a baby in the month of October 2011. I want my child to have an Indian citizenship. Please let me know how I can get Indian citizenship for a baby born in USA.
Request you to answer my following five questions:

1. Can we get an Indian passport for the baby if he/she is born in the US or only US Passport?
2. If we can get Indian passport, does he/she need to obtain a visa for our rest our stay in US?
3. If we can get only US Passport, shall I provide the Indian address as permanent address in the US passport application?
4. If a child has Indian Passport with the place of birth in USA in the passport will there be any immigration issues in USA.
5. If a child has Indian Passport, is he or she an Indian citizen?

I am totally confused and worried about the next steps. Request your advice and suggestions.

Thank you in advance.

Best Answer:

You can get an Indian passport for your US-born child only if you do not get a US passport. US citizenship and immigration laws force US citizenship on children born in the US to non-diplomats, and US citizens are supposed to enter and exit the US with US passports. You may have a problem if you try to exit with an Indian passport bearing a US place of birth. US citizenship laws do not allow parents to renounce their children’s US citizenship. Adults can renounce citizenship only for themselves. If having full Indian citizenship for your child is very important to you and you do not want the child to have US citizenship. You might consider having the wife give birth in India to avoid mandatory US citizenship and the complications that come with it.

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