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John asks…

I want to come to the US for business – can I get a visa?

Best Answer:

Why do you want to come to the United States? Are you coming for business, because of family, or for some other reason? If you are coming to the US for business, then you will want one of the many business visa options. There are a lot to choose from. If you are an employee and your company has an office in the US, you may be able to transfer to a similar position in the US. It is also possible that your education and experience make you desirable to a US business that is willing to sponsor you. There are special visas for people working in religious occupations, so if you are a special pastor, minister, bishop, or rabbi who is needed to lead a community in the US, you might be eligible. If you have special talents or skills that make you unique and beneficial to the US, you may have another visa option. If you own your own business and you live in certain countries, you may consider opening a branch in the US as a way to get a visa. If you have a lot of money (usually over half a million dollars), you may want to consider investing it in a US business as a way to get a green card. If the investment is successful, you can usually withdraw your money after five years have gone by.

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