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Question About US Business Visa Duration

Charles asks…

B1 visa is revoked. If I re-apply B1, L1 or H1 again in future will I be granted the visa?

My B1 visa was issued one month ago and couple of days ago my spouse went for a B1 interview with our marraige certificate and my visa copy. His visa was rejected and mine revoked as he misunderstood a question and gave a wrong answer during the interview. If in future I need to apply for any visa to the US, will I be granted or I would never be able to visit US on WORK/BUSINESS or TRAVEL ???
I just want to clarify that my spouse dint lie. He applied for leave and was supposed stay at home while i went to work. On weekends we were supposed to go see places.

And the wrong answer he gave was –

i) He was asked which visa is she going on? – he answered – she is going on B1 which is for 3 months (a stay of 89 days are allowed).

But he should have answered that I was going for 4 weeks and my visa was B1. (instead he explained the visa duration)

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Best Answer:

Probally won’t get one…it looks like you are trying to immigrate. You just admitted in your paragraph that you were “going to work” and you were going to see places on the weekend”

That isn’t tourist intent, that is immigration intent. If you read the parameters of the visa, you aren’t supposed to engage in any type of profitable activity. So your visa was correctly rejected.

You may get one in the future, but you have to overcome the suspicion of immigration…and there is a lot of suspicion

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