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Question About US Business Visa From India

Chris asks…

Can I get “Business Visa” to go to USA if I’m owner of “sole proprietorship” in India?

To sign a business deal (Contract) to provide services from India. I need to go to USA. If I’m the owner of a “Sole Proprietorship” firm in India. Can I apply for Business visa for myself to meet to my client in USA? Or to get business visa it’s necessary to have a Private Limited company in India?
My Client from USA is ready to give me sponsorship letter

Best Answer:

It is generally not necessary to travel to US in person just to sign a contract. Your chances of getting a business visa for this are poor – at best. Even if you have a duly authorized corporation or private limited company. You would need substantial documentation of your business, existing clients, etc, and prove the need to attend business transactions in person.

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