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James asks…

Any ideas why Indians maybe denied Ukrainian visas for “invitation letters” they got from agencies in Ukraine?

This lady from Ukraine who works with says, “We have had a number of Indian citizens who have attempted to get invitation letters from Ukraine and were denied Visa requests.” Earlier, she said, “You may not be able to visit Ukraine being a citizen of India.” This is regarding getting a Ukrainian visitor visa for an Indian citizen living and working in the US. She frightened me. It looks like I cannot visit that country, but I don’t see why, because offically I don’t see any problems. No website says there are any problems with Indians getting visitor visas to Ukraine. The diplomatic relations between the two countries are fine, and Ukrainians happen to benefit more from trade with Indians than Indians do from them. I’m wondering if the invitation letter will have to come from Ukraine itself or if it can come from any any agency within the US that works with Ukrainian visas and travel. Also wondering why those Indians were refused visas, if not for their ethnicity!

Best Answer:

The determining factor for any visitor visa (to any country) is if the applicant intends to return to their place of residence. If you own property in the US, have a good job there (and bring a letter to the Ukraine embassy from your employer saying your holiday time off and when you are expected to return to work), have family there, and bank accounts – then you stand as good a chance of getting a visitor visa as anyone else that requires one.

Dealing with an apartment renter in Odessa would seem to indicate that you intend on living here a while – which the embassy will look at. Also, a very slight negative for Indians here is that Ukrainian women are popular for Indian men… Who often come here to meet a woman, marry her, and either immigrate or take her back to India. Living in the US, you will likely be viewed with less suspicion, but be aware of it when gathering your information.

Your invitation has to come from Ukrainian OVIR. A business here can apply for it for you, or a person in Ukraine can apply for it. Travel agencies dealing with holiday trips to Ukraine can usually obtain them for you. Since you are a green card holder (or H1 visa) in the US, you should be able to use a US agency. Call the Ukraine consulate that deals with your area of the US for specific information – they are the best to give you up-to-date information on what you will need, and what will be accepted.


Economic benefits to either country has no bearing on visitor visas.

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