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Thomas asks…

Live and work in the USA.?


A friend of mine has asked me to post this question for him,so here goes.
Is it easy to gain entry to live and work in the US and are there requirements regarding maximum age of the applicant and a minimum amount of cash savings the person must have?
My friend is an experienced dock worker and has held a current UK heavy goods vehicle licence (articulated lorries) since he was 21,he is now 44.
Are lorry driver and dock worker jobs fairly easy to find in the states?


Best Answer:

you will find an E book for people wanting to live and work in USA without spending thousands and thousands of money with VISA Agents/ Consultants. In this e-book you will learn absolutely everything you need to know about going to USA. The e-Book is simply called Live and Work in USA and here are some of the secrets I will reveal to you in this Ebook:
How to Live in United States Full Time
How to Earn a Living in USA
Sample Affidavit of Support – When applying for Visa
Sample Employment letter – When applying for visa
Sample Consulate Letter – When Applying for Visa
Sample Invitation letter – Needed to apply a Visa
Sample Affidavit from the Father – When applying A visa
Sample Affidavit from the mother – When applying a Visa
Sample no objection letter – For Visa application
Sample Self letter etc – Needed when applying Visa
Sample Letter for port of entry for longer stay – When landing in USA
Sample Reapply letter after Visa refusal – Visa denial and re application process
Sample letter addressed to Congressman/senator after USA visa refusal
Interview preparation tips – When applying for visa
Case Studies – For real people who visited embassy
Sample refusal and reapplication letters – needed to reapply for visa
Sample Extension letter after US entry – after you have lived in USA
Sample Receipt delay for extension application – Follow up letter

United States is the world’s most powerful economy and strongest republic. Residents of United States enjoy the best facilities to live and work. Getting a chance to live and work in USA is like a dream come true. People from all over the world apply for US visa every year.

There are different ways of getting United States Visa.. One of the most common one is Diversity Lottery program. The Diversity Lottery program (also known as United States Green Card Lottery) operated by US Citizenship and Immigration Services, offers 55,000 green cards every year
Other common way of getting to live and work in US includes
 Student Visas – Academic and vocational (F and M Visas)
 Athletes, amateur & professional (compete for prize money only)- B-1
 Au pairs Visa – J
 Border Crossing Card: Mexico – BCC
 Business visitors -B-1
 Domestic employees or nanny -must be accompanying a foreign national employer – B-1
 Employees of a designated international organization, and NATO- G1-G5, NATO
 Exchange visitors – J
 Foreign nationals with extraordinary ability in Sciences, Arts, Education, Business or Athletics -O
 International cultural exchange visitors – Q
 Intra-company transferees – L
 Medical treatment, visitors for -B-2
 Media, journalists – I
 Nurses coming to health professional shortage areas – H1-C
 Performing athletes, artists, entertainers -P
 Physician – J, H-1B
 Professor, scholar, teacher (exchange visitor) – J
 Religious workers – R
 Specialty occupations in fields requiring highly specialized knowledge

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