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George asks…

How long does it take a US citizen to get a visa for the UK?

My family and I mailed in our applications and they received them about 8 business days ago. How long does processing normally take? I know the website says 5 to 10 business days. Is there ANY way to call and check the status. I’ve searched all over the web. Thanks.
We’re going to be there about a year and a half. We applied as Religious Workers-Permit Free Employment.

Best Answer:

What type of visa did you apply for?

Note that US citizens do not need to visit the UK as a tourist.

National U.S.A.


Passport (must be valid for the period of intended stay)

Visa not required.

U.K. Immigration officers will decide on period of stay to
a max. Of 6 months, depending on reason for travel. Stays
exceeding 6 months will require a visa (Entry Clearance).

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