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Question About US Business Visa Status

Charles asks…

i want to start an online business in US but i am not allowed as per my visa status. What to do?

i am not in a position to change my visa status or leave US as of now.

Best Answer:

What visa are you in?
My guess is that you are on H-1 and you have a sponsor.
Well the way around is to either lower your work hour from 40 hours to somthign less, but that is too complicated too.
I guess if you are married, she could have the business on H4 and you could help her with it. H4’s can start their business.
Even better, ask an immigration firm about what to do. Start google searching for a good immigration firm. I have used visalaw and Prime Law Centers. They gave me free consultation and have both have good success rates. Check them out. And Good Luck with the business.

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